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Vote Frenzy for Business

Vote Frenzy provides FREE unlimited mobile polling & responses to consumers and organizations.
We enable people to indulge their passions and empower brands to enhance their user experience (UX).

Tap Into Passion

We believe organizations that understand and support peoples passions will experience
higher brand awareness, more sales, and greater brand loyalty.

What We Do

We combine mobile technology, polls and a social game campaign paradigm to
accelerate your sales processes in a more efficient, effective, and fun way.

Service Capability

The cloud services capability for verified organizations include:


Knowing your customer is the foundation of business success.
Ask as many questions as you want, and get as many answers as you need, it is FREE.

  • Demographic, keyword, and behavioral targeting
  • Live polls (Enhance broadcaster programs)
  • Location polls (Increase venue traffic)
  • Predictive polls redefine future event UX
  • Enhanced polls redefine life-cycle UX
  • Multiple answers for deeper insights
  • Multimedia enriches communication
  • Privacy controls encourage honesty
  • Social proof supports brand claims


Ads tied to polls are interactive. They deliver deeper engagement and insights.

  • Free trial eliminates adoption risk
  • Ads on hyper targeted polls drive conversion
  • Category placement for efficiency
  • Global placements for scale
  • Reporting for informed decision making
  • Standard formats make it easy to start
  • Standard formats so you can use current content


One size fits all coupons are inefficient.
Coupons in Vote Frenzy are hyper-targeted, motivate poll engagement, and are optimized to poll responses.

  • Attached to hyper-targeted mobile polls resulting in:
    • Deeper audience insights
    • More qualified engagement
    • Increased venue traffic (Geo-fencing availability)
    • Greater relevancy and more sales
  • Operational support includes:
    • Bar code image tracking
    • QR image tracking
    • Online promotional codes


Use points, coupons, gifts, and prizes in poll campaigns to drive continuous brand engagement and goodwill.

  • Action based point rewards
  • Game levels support extended campaigns
  • Gift people for actions they take
    • Poll engagement and responses
    • Social promotion of polls
  • Prizes for game campaigns
  • Set rewards at different campaign stages
  • Motivate engagement throughout campaign


Vote Frenzy members use free polls to engage their passion and organizations use them for market
insights. Organizations can enhance their polls with ads to drive awareness, coupons to drive sales, gifts to
drive goodwill, and prizes to increase loyalty.


To learn more about your marketplace, prospects, customers or employees
all you need to do is ask.

Our polling service is simple to use and requires no new software, hardware or service contracts.
We place no artificial limits on the number of poll responses so you can be confident in your results.
With Vote Frenzy – asking questions and getting answers are both unlimited & free.

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