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Joe Buchanan – WBGL

WBGL-ExampleWhen Joe Buchanan, program director and on air talent for WBGL, needed to increase his audience participation, he looked to Vote Frenzy for help.

Joe was looking for a simple and easy way to engage his listeners. He was looking for an idea that would not increase the budget for his station. When he discovered Vote Frenzy’s free patent-pending interactive mobile app technology, he was excited to put it to the test. He discovered two things… not only is Vote Frenzy free to use for his station and listeners, but also the real magic is that he could actually monetize his listener’s interaction. This feature is something Joe’s industry knows Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media apps do not offer.

With a few simple on air prompts his listeners began to download the mobile app and facedfollow Joe on his Vote Frenzy profile. As a follower of Joe Buchanan from WBGL radio, every time Joe sends out a new poll, each of his thousands of followers receives an instant push note of Joe’s new question or poll. Now, as Joe is live on air, he can actually get a feel for what his audience truly feels or thinks about a specific concept, programming note, idea, opinion, or song.

The top three ways WBGL is using Vote Frenzy is thru a random Top of the Hour listener’s choice contest, a weekly rate the song segment, and a daily Bible Trivia challenge. The correct answer feature makes the trivia questions very entertaining. His audience loves the interaction and they feel like a part of the show. All votes are
anonymous and results are transparent.

One of the most exciting segments, a few weeks ago, was when Joe had Mac Powell in the studio for a live interview. With Vote Frenzy at his fingertips, Mac asked Joe if black_samplehe could “poll the listeners on their favorite Third Day song.” With a few taps of the keyboard the poll was created, live in the
studio, and with a click of the mouse, thousands of WBGL listeners received a
push note on their phones. In fact a few hundred, who weren’t even listening at the time, instantly turned on their radio to catch the live interview. Within a few minutes the results were pouring in and Mac was excited to see that “Cry Out to Jesus” was the top song. What really blew the audience away was when Mac Powell decided to call one of the voters with the exclusive Radio Broadcast Feature. The listener was amazed to get a call from his favorite Christian artist and loved sharing on air why this song was so meaningful to him.

live_pool_sampleThe listener’s were happy to participate, live_pool_sample_2Mac Powell was excited to see the response, and Joe the program director was thrilled that over 1,000 listeners clicked the pre-set ad at the bottom of the poll to download Third Day’s new release which increased WBGL’s bottom line.

Having immediate access to
simple mobile technology, like Vote Frenzy, has revolutionized the way WBGL looks at social media. Vote Frenzy has increased WBGL’s monthly revenue with a new and exciting income stream. Advertising partners are now clamoring for space on each individual poll.

Having a potential customer “one click away” from their product or service, while giving an
opinion on a topic or subject, is the holy grail of the advertising world. It’s all wrapped up, like a bow, on the listener’s personal mobile device. Could it be any easier or more simple?

“Love the way Vote Frenzy allows me to interact with my favorite Songs and hosts”

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