Create Polls

Create and Post Your Own Polls
Get Advice • Conduct Surveys • Gauge Opinions • Predict Outcomes


Tap “Post Poll” and begin creating your own poll. Create a poll question with as many possible answers you like. Enhance your poll with a photo snapped from your devise or selected from your library.


Your friends and followers will automatically recieve your poll. Select Categories for your poll makes it easy for other users to find your polls and begin following you.


Adding hashtags allows users to find your poll by specific word associations.


You can set your poll to start immediately (default) or sometime in the future and close in 24 hours (default) or weeks away.



You can identify the correct answer to trivia & quizzes and the outcomes for prediction polls. The correct answer will only be revealed to users when the poll is closed.


Tap “Advanced Settings” and select “Poll Private” so only those friends you select receive your poll.


Tap “Advance Settings” to set your poll to originate from a different location and viewed worldwide (default) or limited to a specific country, state, city, zip or radius.