Special Features

Creating Polls Using the News Feed


To Access the News Feed: Tap the feed on the My Frenzy page or select “Newsfeed” from the menu.


Choose one of several News Feeds.


Choose a story of interest.


Review the entire story. Tap “Post Poll” to create a poll on the story.


Create your poll. The headline and associated photo are auto-inserted. You modify the poll question and add answers.


Some other neat features and benefits:

  • Vote on other users polls and create your own.
  • Search for polls and users by category, user name, hashtag, or location.
  • Each user can only vote once.
  • Votes are anonymous and therefore unbiased.
  • Voting stats are calculated in real time as the votes come in.
  • Results page stores all the Polls you voted on so you can see the results.
  • Private Mode allows only your “Friends” to view your profile and comment on your polls.
  • Allow or turn off users ability to comment on a specific poll.
  • Share that you voted on a poll to Facebook or Twitter.
  • Invite friends via SMS text, email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Post polls to only your friends, only users in a specific location or all users worldwide.
  • Add an image or photo to your poll from file or your phones camera.
  • View your friends, followers and those you’re following.
  • Make comments on polls and allow others to comment on yours.
  • “Like” those polls you love!