Football Radio Broadcasting

Vote Frenzy and Football Radio Broadcasting

Imagine this…

Your favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys and you’ve tuned your radio to the first pre-season game against the Sand Diego Chargers. Kevin Ray is doing the play by play with Danny White doing the analysis. On a 4th down and short situation K-Ray announces, “With 4th down and short yards to go, do you think the Cowboys will run, pass, kick a field goal or punt? Go to your Vote Frenzy app and vote! We are taking a short commercial break. When the action resumes we’ll see how many of you picked it right.”

Since you are “following” Compass Media Networks on your Vote Frenzy mobile app, you
football_phone receive a pcompas_media_sampleush note on your phone alerting you about K-Ray’s poll. You tap the push note and the “4th and short” poll comes on your screen ready for your vote. You tap “Run” and your vote is immediately recorded. It couldn’t be simpler. On this particualr poll you decide to add a comment so you type in, “The Cowboys love to run on 4th and short.”

You notice Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop banner ad was shown at the bottom of the poll. You give it a tap and it directs to the team shop to view and possibly purchase a variety of Cowboys memorabilia. The previous poll you voted on was sponsored by a well known snack food company. When you clicked the ad you got a coupon for 2 bags of chips for the price of one.

Play resumes after the commercial break and K-Ray announces, “They ran on 4th and short and got the first down! 542,000 voted and 243,000 guessed it right! Stay tuned for our next poll and win prizes.” You make a little shout because your vote was correct, “Yeah baby!” On Vote Frenzy you get points just for voting on the poll and additional points if you selected the correct answer. Points can accumulate throughout the game and throughout the season giving you a chance to win prizes from various sponsors. Those users accumulating the most points by the end of the regular season are eligible to win tickets to the Super Bowl. Since Compass Media Networks initiated the Vote Frenzy program you haven’t missed a single broadcast of a game, nor a single poll for that matter.

Throughout the game Kevin Ray and Danny White initiate additional polls regarding situations, predictions, opinions as well as Cowboy trivia. Throughout the game they use the poll stats and comments to “color” the broadcast. Polling is also used in the pre-game and post game broadcasts as well. It makes you feel you are part of the show.

Vote Frenzy also gives you the ability to create and post your own polls. As a result you have connected with many Cowboy fans who vote and comment on your polls and vice versa. You hear Compass Media Networks is introducing an NFL trivia channel on Vote Frenzy to keep football fans connected and involved even during the off season. You can’t wait.


Vote Frenzy

Sport Broadcaster’s Benefits

Vote Frenzy is a patent pending social media mobile application that runs on any smartphone running Apple IOS or Android platforms. It can also be accessed on the Apple iPad or by internet access. The app is free to all users and approved broadcasters. Broadcasters are given an on-line computerized management system allowing them to create, manage and pre-load polls, load advertising banners, create point and award football_phone_2campaigns and view and print reports. All poll results can be viewed in real time showing the exact number of votes and percentage of the total votes for each poll answer.

The gaming feature of Vote Frenzy increases “live” viewing and listening. Polls can be set so they can only be voted on during a particular broadcast, thus motivating users wanting to vote circlesand accumulate points to listen or watch “live” broadcasts. This makes advertisers happy as it reduces the number of fans who record the broadcast to view later and skip through their commercials. As a result broadcasters can experience an
increase in traditional ad revenues by implimenting Vote Frenzy. In addition, Vote Frenzy has a unique “Broadcasters Call Back” feature allowing those voting on polls to forward their phone number with their votes. This gives talk show hosts the ability to call fans and talk to them “live on the air.”

Vote Frenzy also allows broadcasters to mark-up, sell and display banner advertising with their polls. As voting becomes an increasingly popular feature of a broadcast, advertisers will compete and pay accordingly for poll sponsorship. Broadcaster participate in ad revenue while their audiences receive discounts, coupons and links to its advertisersfootball_radio_sample_3football_radio_sample_2 websites. Everybody wins!

Additional Vote Frenzy Benefits:
• Increases broadcast ratings.
• Builds a loyal fan following.
• Puts you in touch with your fans.
• Enhances current advertising.
• Establishes a new revenue source.
• Gets fans involved.
• Allows fans to voice their opinion.
• Provides fans a social media experience.