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One Direction – Concert

events_1Imagine your next concert experience utilizing the benefits of Vote Frenzy. You walk into the arena with 20,000 other fans geared up for an amazing night with your favorite band. At the front of the stage there are live trivia questions darting across the screens, simultaneously those same q!uestions are popping up on your phone.

Why, because as you came into the arena tonight, y!ou uploaded the new App: Vote Frenzy During the show you discover tonight’s band, One Direction, is asking for you and the other ! 20,000 fans to name the title of their newest song.

Utilizing the cutting edge benefits of Vote Frenzy, One Direction’s production team, is able
to preload the question and exactly at the designated time during the concert, 20,000 cell
phone receive the question: “What should the title be of our next biggest hit?” As the
band plays their newest song live for the first time, every fan in the building has the
o!pportunity to participate. The selections are:


1. Roses are ForeverLive-Events-phones
2. For You, I Will Forever Wait
3. Forever is Never Saying Never

As the song ends, the poll is closed. The fans are excited to share a special and unique moment with their favorite band Live-Events-2014of how they truly feel. The comments section of the poll is off the charts and the members of One Direction can sense how magical this moment is for t!hem and their fans.

Along with this live, once in a Live-Events-text-1lifetime experience, at the bottom of the poll is a unique ad for tonight’s show that points fans to the One Direction’s fan page where they can buy gear or download any of the band’s multitudes of songs. With a click of a button the fan is instantly engaged in what the promoters want a!nd the fans desire.

As you go to other events: Dave Matthews, Luke Bryan, Jay Z, and Katy Perry, you notice all the artists are using Vote Frenzy and you love it. Some go as far as bringing their fans up on stage based on a comment and vote, some utilize the call back feature to call you at the concert to invite you backstage live at the event. The choices and options are endless. As a fan you feel validated and as a band or entertainer you feel more connected to your fans. In either case, you’re both glad Vote Frenzy is a tool that’s free to use and more importantly t!remendously easy to implement.


Over the next few months, not only have you noticed bands and concerts utilizing the unique benefits of Vote Frenzy, you’ve also noticed a huge uptick in fan voting at live surfing events, s!kating events, snowboarding events, cheer competitions, and beauty pageants.

You’ve also seen some very creative ways in which seminars, school assemblies, churches, and a myriad of other live events are going crazy with Vote Frenzy. It’s a totally Live-Events-quotenew and awesome idea that has hit America and the rest of the world by surprise. Finally there’s an app that let’s you participate in the action without any complications.


“Love the way Vote Frenzy allows me to interact with my favorite bands”


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