Vote Frenzy and The NHL

Imagine this…

Your favorite NHL team is the Arizona Coyotes. Tonight they are playing the Los Angeles Kings and you are watching the broadcast live on TV. Announcer Matt McConnell says, “That’s the end of the first period. Go to Vote Frenzy and vote your pick for the Jiffy Lube Player of the 1st Period. While the Zamboni does it’s job we’ll take a commercial break. When we come back we’ll see how the votes come in.”

You began to “Follow” the Coyotes on your Vote Frenzy mobile app weeks ago. Because you do, you are now receiving a push note on your smart phone alerting you that the “Player of the period” poll is waiting to vote NHL-sampleon. You tap the push note and it takes you right to McConnell’s poll. There are 3 players to choose from, you vote for “Shane Done.” A few minutes later the second period begins and the poll closes. McConnell tells the audience Shane Done was awarded the Jiffy Lube Player of the Period getting 53% of the 1.2 million votes. You make a little shout, “Yeah baby!”

You love the opportunity to vote your opinion on various situations throughout the game such as “Was that a Goal or No Goal” or “Penalty or No Penalty” and trying to vote the right answers to the hockey trivia questions. You also love the gaming aspect of the Vote Frenzy mobile app. You get points for just voting and additional points for voting correctly on a trivia or predictive type polls.

You used to record the games so you could fast forward through the commercials, but not now. Most of the polls can only be voted on during the game so you hardly ever miss a live broadcast. You don’t want to miss a chance to vote, especially since you can earn points and win valuable coupons and prizes for doing so.

And you don’t mind the advertising shown with each poll. When you tap on the ad, you often receive valuable coupons and discounts for products or services from the Coyotes sponsors and advertisers. In fact, for tapping on the banner ad included in “The Player of the Period” poll you received a coupon for 25% off you next oil change at Jiffy Lube.

Points for voting and answering correctly accumulate throughout a game or a full or partial season enabling you to win additional prizes. You rarely miss a game now because you don’t want to miss an opportunity to vote. Your goal is to accumulate enough points by the playoffs for a chance to win tickets to the Stanley Cup.

It didn’t take long for you to jump into “The Frenzy” and “Friend” dozens of other Coyote fans. You like to connect with other fans and respond to their comments about the games and players, not to mention competing with them for points. Vote Frenzy has helped you get more into the game and your love for hockey has grown as a result. Now you find yourself sending out your own polls about the Coyotes and hockey.

You heard the NHL is going to introduce a Hockey Trivia Channel on Vote Frenzy with daily polls you can vote on, accumulate points and win prizes even when the Coyotes aren’t playing. You can’t wait.

Note: The Arizona Coyotes are used for illustration only. They are neither affiliated with nor endorse Vote Frenzy.