Benihana – Scottsdale, AZ

restaurant_1Imagine… as you get ready for a nice dinner out this coming weekend you receive a push note from one of your favorite restaurants, Benihana’s. You and your family have always liked Benihana, the Japanese style restaurant where a chef prepares and cooks food
live on a grill right at your table.

You received the push note because last time you were in the restaurant you started to follow Benihana on Vote Frenzy. Last time you were there they asked you to give a rating on your meal and experience. You were glad to share your opinion and thought highly of the establishment that they used a new to market and simple way to evaluate their staff and customer feedback. No going to a website, punching in codes, or filling out a silly survey sheet. With one click you rated the experience and felt validated by it.restaurant_quotation_1
You come to find out this month, they’re looking to evaluate and bonus “The Best Chef in the House.” You’ve restaurant_2been invited to come in this weekend and vote for your chef as he prepares your meal. The top chef will win a great prize and according to the push note, you’ll receive 20% off you’re dinner just for coming in and voting on the monthly contest.

Your family is totally excited for this new experience and as you enter the restaurant you can sense there’s an excitement in the air. The entire chef crew is excited, the best stories, cooking tricks, jokes, and entertainment are taking place at each table. Customers are laughing, the staff is engaged, and the overall experience is amazing.

At the end of your dinner, you vote your chef as the best. You come back at the end of the month for another dinner and discover that indeed your guy won the month. Benihana is sending he and his loved one to an all expense paid trip to Napa Valley to sample some of the best wines in America. You think, “Wow, this is a pretty amazing company.” You feel connected to the chef, staff, and restaurant. You now make Benihana a regular family outing.

Even more exciting is the fact that you see more and more merchants, stores, hotels and restaurants utilizing the simple rating system of Vote Frenzy. From voting on the new spring clothing line, to sharing your coffee experience, with one click you’re rating your experience and the brands know how to evaluate and improve the key components of your feedback.


restaurant_quotation_2Feeling connected and validated at the same time is exactly what you’re looking for. From the biggest to smallest of stores, understanding and continually knowing the pulse of customers is paramount to business success. Vote Frenzy provides both consumer and business exactly what they’ve been looking for… a meaningful connection that inspires!

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