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Chick-fil-A and the 2014 Kickoff Game

retail_1When Chick-fil-A started thinking of a way to connect with their customers at Arizona State University, they looked to the unique, first to market, idea of Vote Frenzy. They understood there should be a better way to leverage the media savvy generation that frequents it’s iconic location in Tempe, Arizona. Their current strategy of text polling and hashtagsretail_3 on twitter just wasn’t working. They needed a simple way to get instant feedback on the customer service experience and continually build a loyal base of customers. When they discovered Vote Frenzy’s free
patentpending interactive mobile app technology, they were excited to put it to the test. Immediately they discovered two things… not only is Vote Frenzy free to use, but the real magic is that they could actually monetize the customer interaction. Something they know Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media apps do not offer.

With flyers in stand up display’s on each table, paired with a small print out on each receipt, customers began to download the free Vote Frenzy mobile app and follow Chick-fil-A ASU on their new Vote Frenzy profile. As a follower of Chick-fil-A ASU, every time
a customer comes into the store, with a click of the phone they can easily vote their customer experience: Like it, Love it, or Hate it? Both local and regional management love the fact they can instantly see how each store is performing.
Every vote is instant, verified, anonymous, and yet transparent. retail_2Nothing hidden and no secrets. How is your staff really performing? Let your customers tell you and they will.

Additionally, when Chick-fil-A ASU sends out a new poll, each follower receives an instant push note of Chick-fil-A’sretail_5 new question or poll. What do you think of our weekend special? What should the Chick-fil-A cow’s name be? Pick the winner: ASU vs UofA? The options and opportunities are endless and with Chick-fil-A’s creative marketing team, Vote Frenzy is an easy fit.

The real fun began shortly after the ASU store starting using the App, a discussion took place in where the marking team needed to see if they could really leverage the Alabama vs Virginia Tech Kickoff Game sponsored by Chick-fil-A. The company was already spending millions on advertising and sponsorship for the event, so they wondered if there was a way to create a unique experience live during the game for no additional cost. With Vote Frenzy at their finger tips, they decided to host live voting during the game.

retail_4They printed the idea on cups, bags, flyers, and included it on all TV commercials. Instantly, customers began following the Chick-fil-A Vote Frenzy profile. Within a short time period they had over a million followers. The power of Vote Frenzy was released live during the Game, when in the 4th Qtr, a controversial call was under review. With over 1 million “voters” at the ready, Chick-fil-A posted the poll… ”Touchdown or No Touchdown, you make the call” Within seconds, over 1
million push notes went out and the votes started pouring back in while the ref’s were under the hood reviewing the play. After a few minutes, the ref retail_6announced the call, the poll was closed and over 750,000 people agreed with the call,
The fans were happy to participate and Chick-fil-A was thrilled that over 80,000 followers clicked the pre-set Chick-fil-A ad at the bottom of the poll to download an exclusive discount for their next visit to Chick-fil-A restaurant.

Having access to a simple to use mobile technology, like Vote Frenzy, has revolutionized the way Chick-fil-A looks at social media. It can change your outlook as well. or

For Business Use: Verified and approved organizations have access to our Content Management System, free of charge, that allows for additional customization and monetization of the Vote Frenzy platform. Contact us for account set up.

For Individual Use: Download the Free App at the iStore or Google Play store.

Real-time mobile voting allows for a quick and easy interactive audience experience. Vote Frenzy is text polling on steroids and so much more.