Talk Show Radio

Vote Frenzy and Talk Show Radio

Imagine this:

Talk-Show-phoneYour favorite talk radio show is Mike Broomhead on 550 KFYI in Phoenix, Arizona. He always seems to be talking about the issues that interest you the most. Today Mike is talking with Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe proposes that U.S troops should be sent into Mexico to help stop the flood of undocumented immigrants crossing the border.

A few weeks ago Mike introduced a new feature to his program that allows listeners to get involved and voice their opinion on the many issues covered during the show. He asks everyone to download the Vote Frenzy on their smart phones and follow Mike Broomhead.

Now listening to Mike is better then ever before. Using Vote Frenzy, Mike sends out one or more polls per show to get his audience’s position on and reaction to the various topics discussed.

Today Mike sent out a poll on whether or not his listeners agree with Sheriff Joe’s idea of sending U.S. troops into Mexico to deal with the undocumented immigrant issue. You weren’t even tuned into the station but, since you follow Mike on Vote Frenzy, you received a push note on your smart phone alerting you Mike had just posted this poll.

Now, undocumented immigration is a big issue to you and other Arizonans. So, you tapped the push note and it instantly brought up Mike’s poll. You, placed your vote and decided to add a comment regarding the issue. Then, you turned on your radio and tuned into the Mike Broomhead show to listen to the Mike’s comments as the votes come in and get the latest on the issue.

With Vote Frenzy, Mike has given you a chance to participate and get involved in each show. As a result you are tuning in more than ever before. A great feature of Vote Frenzy is that you can select to forward Mike your phone number when you vote on one of his polls. This really makes it exciting because Mike’s producer will call and get someone on air to discuss why they voted or commented a certain way. Now you haven’t been called yet, but regardless, just listening to Mike talk about the stats and audience comments on the polls you voted on make you feel like you are part of the show.

Oh yeah, and here is the best part. Mike gives you points for voting. I love this gaming aspect of the show. You get points for just voting. If Mike does a predictive poll (like who will win this election) or a trivia poll (like which President did such and such) and get the answer right you get additional points. Points can accumulate from show to show. Mike’s sponsors give awards and coupons for accumulating points. So you rarely miss a show, especially since you can earn and win valuable coupons and prizes for doing so.

You don’t mind the little ad shown with each poll. Because when you tap on it, you often receive valuable coupons and discounts for products or services from Mike sponsors.

You told all your friends and now they are all tuning into Mikes show and voting and commenting on his many polls. It’s been great to be able to jump in, speak up and be heard!