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Jenna Marbles – 13.6m Subscribers

YouTube-1When YouTube sensation Jenna Marbles started thinking of new ways to increase her income stream, she looked to the unique, first to market, idea of Vote Frenzy. She understood there should be an increasing value for the 13.6 million subscribers on her channel. Instinctively, she knew there had to be a better way to capture the voice and thoughts of her fans besides scrolling through the endless comments and email requests.YouTube-2

Jenna was looking for a simple and easy way to engage her viewers. When she discovered Vote Frenzy’s free patent-pending interactive mobile app technology, she was excited to put it to the test. Immediately she discovered two things… not only is Vote Frenzy free to use for her channel and subscribers, but the real magic is that she could actually monetize her fan interaction. Something she knows Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media apps do not offer.

With a few simple video prompts, her viewers began to download the mobile app and follow Jenna on her new Vote Frenzy profile. As a follower of Jenna Marbles, every time Jenna sends out a new poll, each of her millions of followers receives an instant push note of Jenna’s new question or poll. Now, as Jenna is creating her videos, she can actually get a feel for what her audience truly feels or thinks about a specific video, random thought, killer idea, silly opinion, or hit song. The options and opportunities are endless and with Jenna’s natural creativity, Vote Frenzy is an easy fit.

The top three ways Jenna is using Vote Frenzy is thru a weekly viewer’s choice contest, a rank/rate the video segment, and a daily hot topic social media challenge that displays YouTube-3the correct answer when the poll is closed. Her audience loves the interaction and it makes them feel like they’re part of each video.

YouTube-4One of the most exciting segments, a few weeks ago, was when Jenna had one of her fans in a video. With Vote Frenzy at her finger tips, Jenna asked her fan to name three ideas for her next video and within seconds she put it to a vote. Subscribers from all over the world voted for her next video. With a few taps of the keyboard the poll was created and with a click of the mouse, millions of Jenna Marbles subscribers received a push note on their phones. In fact a few thousand, who haven’t tuned in for a while, instantly clicked on the push note to give their opinion.

The subscribers were happy to participate and Jenna was thrilled that over 80,000 subscribers clicked the pre-set Runner’s World ad at the bottom of the poll to download an exclusive discount from her ad partner.

Having access to a simple to use
mobile technology, like Vote Frenzy, has revolutionized the way Jenna looks at social media and has increased monthly revenue with a new and exciting income stream. Advertising partners are clamoring for space on each of her YouTube-6individual polls.

Having a potential customer “one click away” from their product or service, while giving an opinion on a topic or subject, is the holy grail of the advertising world. It’s all wrapped up, like a bow, on the listener’s personal mobile device. Could it be any easier or more simple?


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